Why did we put this course together?

According to the African Development Bank, Africa will have the largest workforce by 2040 and surpassing China and India. Further research from MasterCard Foundation reveals that by 2075, half of the world’s population will be young Africans. In Rwanda, statistics show that 89% of the population is below the age of 45, of which 65% are 0-24 years old, and 24% are in the 25–44-year bracket. The current and future of Africa’s workforce and organizational leaders will require access to world-class Executive Training programs focusing on Executive and Non-Executive Directors (NED).

What skills will you learn at the end of the course?

Legal Requirements for Boards:
•Local Legal and Regulatory Environment
• Understanding Directors Role
• Directors Competencies
• Leadership Styles for Boards.

Finance for Non-Finance Audience:
• Understanding Company accounts
• Executive & Non-Executive responsibilities
• Key Accounting Concepts for Non-Finance Audience

Risk Management:
• Importance of Risk Management
• Key Risk Management Principles
• Risk Analysis & Assessment
• Internal Controls

Corporate Governance:
• Policies and Procedures
• Compliance
• Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Financial Reporting for CFOs, FDs, CPAs:
• Best Practice for Board Presentations
• Financial Reporting Framework
• Financial Management of Accounts

Mentoring & Networking:
• Access to the Leadership Across Borders (LAB)
• Participants Assigned to a Mentor in the Transpire-Global Directors Network

Module 1 : Legal Requirements


Module 2 : Directors Role & Expectations


Module 3 : Corporate Governance


Module 4 : Finance for Directors & Non-Finance Audience


Module 5 : Risk Management


Module 6 : Leadership Across Borders (LAB)


Module 7 : Exam Certification & Management