Course 3 – Executive Coaching – Leaders L.I.F.T Leaders ™


Leaders L.I.F.T Leaders ™  is one of KORA Code ™ Leadership Development Solutions.  An excellent Solution for Coaching & Mentoring aspiring, Emerging and Mature Leaders.

The Solution is perfectly suited for Individuals and Organizations seeking to maximize and capitalize on High Potential Talent and Rising Stars.



Organizations with Leaders L.I.F.T Leaders ™ curriculum as part of their Talent Management programs are likely to retain Talent, increase Employee satisfaction and optimize on Knowledge Transfer across various areas of their business units. Four Core Modules will allow your and your organization to tailor and pace your Leadership Development plans.

The Regime Recipe ™:

The Regime Recipe ™ is an influence and innovation based Leadership Development solution. The module centers around the Leaders definition and ability to lead oneself and others. This Initial Core Module allows you identify and clarify differences between Leadership and Management.

At the end of this module, you will have gained knowledge on how to:

  • Identify a Leader.
  • Become a Leader and Influencer.
  • Keep the status of a Leader among your peers, organization and community.

The Vision Instigator ™:

The Vision Instigator ™ core module will equip you with necessary tools to inspire others become Leaders in their fields or intended spheres of influence.

As a Mentor or a Coach, you will be positioned to :

  • Instigate a powerful vision in an Emerging Leader.
  • Challenge your Mentee/Coachee to craft their vision  and mission statements for their  organization and greater roles in life.
  • Motivate your Mentee / Coachee with empowering  tools to remain focused and positioned as an Influencer.

The Feasibility Formula ™:

The Feasibility Formula ™ core module is a Facilitation kit which provides you with tangible and measurable tools to guide Mentors, Coaches and Leaders in their interactions with Emerging Leaders. Through ARA Facilitation Kit™ you will optimize relationships through measurable Actions, manage Reactions and create a powerful Activations in new Leaders.

The T3 Telemetry™:

The T3 Telemetry ™ core module focuses on three areas which are set to evoke Transformation.

Through three sets of insightful capabilities, you will be equipped with:

  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring skills
  • Create Accountability through results driven techniques
  • optimize and see Return on the Time Invested (RoTI) in equipping new Leaders


Face-to-Face Cohort | August -December 2022

Date Courses Instructor
7th-8th Oct 2022 Executive Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Mireille Karera
PCC Executive Chairwoman
Lead Coach
KORA Coaching Group

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