Public Speaking and Media coaching


At least 75% of all people experience some degree of anxiety or nervousness regarding public speaking. This is referred to as “speech anxiety” or glossophobia. When not treated, it could lead to serious behavioral issues such as social phobia or social anxiety disorder. We created this course out of the need to address glossophobia among Business Executives, Government Leaders, and aspiring moderators & media personalities.


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What skills will you learn at the end of the course?

At the end of the course you will be able to anticipate questions, you will be well  equipped to prepare for an interview. You will know how to organize your thoughts  and how to convey messages clearly. Our coaches will teach you how to manage the  occasional awkward, uncomfortable questions.

Why is this course relevant to you?

If you do presentations as part of your role or regularly interact with members of the  media but lack proper communication and public speaking skills, this it the right  course for you. It will also help you communicate more effectively, with the end goal  to stop being quoted out of context.

Who is facilitating this course?

Our coaches are seasoned media personalities and public speakers versed in this field  with experience from Radio, TV, Print media and speaking at international and local  events. After the 2 days of intensive group training and one on one coaching sessions,  you’ll emerge confident and engaging and your engagements with both the public

Who should you attend this course?

Private Sector:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Managing Directors
  • Line Managers

Public Sector:

  • Ministers
  • Ambassadors
  • Executive Secretaries

Media Houses:

  • Aspiring MCs & Moderators
  • Journalists and Presenters

.What is the course format?

The course comprises of 2 parts:

Group Coaching: 2 days class in a group setting (max 10 people)

Individual Coaching: Follow up individual coaching sessions with our Coaches (3 sessions)

What certificate will you receive?

  • A certificate of completion will be awarded to every participant during the group  coaching.
  • A final certificate as Professional Public Speaker & Media Specialist (PPSM) will be  awarded to those who successfully complete the follow up individual coaching session,  which involves an actual real-life media interview with a TV or Radio journalist.