About Kora Coaching & Business Academy

Kora Coaching & Business Academy is a coach-training service for professionals who are intentional about expanding their leadership skills to include coaching as a skill for influencing others to become better versions of themselves. Started in Rwanda, the Academy now provides Coach Training Certification Programs to growth-minded professionals worldwide. Coaches and Clients are trained in becoming more efficient in developing the following skills:

Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

Life Coaching

Sales & Business Development

Personal Development

Personal Mastery

We exist to support your personal growth as a leader, which leads to the growth of your organization and the transformation of your community.

Our Core values:

  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Inspiration


Your guide to becoming a Certified KORA Code Coach (CKCC)

  • Your Personal Growth

Success, Happiness, and Fulfilment are the most essential emotional elements of every human being. How do you achieve Success, Happiness and Fulfilment in your life, business or relationships?

  • Leads to organizational Growth

Our clients gain clarity and understanding of the valuable place they hold as an asset to their organization. This, in turn, leads to individual and corporate prosperity.

  • And transforms Your Community

Individual and organizational growth empower communities to achieve the highest level of potential and therefore transforming cultures nationally and globally.

Coach-Training Certification Program

About KORA Code™

KORA Code™ is a uniquely selected array of coaching models designed by KORA Coaching Group Ltd.  As part of the KORA Coaching & Business Academy (KCA) Coach-Training Certification Program, individuals aspiring to become Professional Coaches have the opportunity to be trained and accredited as Certified KORA Code Coaches (CKCC)™ . Kora Coaching & Business Academy (KCA) Lead Coaches are credentialed by the International Coaches Federation (ICF). The Academy has launched an accreditation process with the ICF for the Coach-Training Program to be accredited as  ICF Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).

What is included in KORA Code™

Our all-encompassing set of leading coaching models allows you to handpick a module that meets your need at a particular point in time. Unparalleled variety of world-class modular solutions such as KORA™ are tailored to facilitate your personal development, while growing your interpersonal skills and developing authentic relationships with your friends, family, clients, business partners and others who are broadly connected to you or your organization.

What KORA Code™ means for you

Our interactive coaching models are tailored in formats which are suitable for individuals at any stage of growth. Our designated blend of coaching solutions enable you to grow in your understanding of Human behavior. As a result, you will see increased knowledge in your Personal & Business Development; and benefits in Interaction with your peers through select cutting edge tools to boost your Leadership ,Communications & Interpersonal Skills.

Who benefits from KORA Code™

KORA Code™ audience includes individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, Leaders and Influencers of global organizations. We are known as the preferred partner when it comes to making a difference in people’s lives, organizations and communities. Those are values which enable us to partner with our clients from around the globe

How you can become a Certified KORA Code Coach™ (CKCC)

Our Faculty of qualified Professional Coaches will bring you up to speed with coaching skills to meet your individual coaching demands or your overall organizational requirements.

The overall Certification journey is of a semester with 5 months direct training of 70 synchronous hours for Face-to-Face Courses and 48 hours for Online Certification Courses. Both delivery methods of courses require 20 asynchronous hours which include homework, self-paced reading time and practice hours during the initial semester. A written exam marks the end of the Training period.

Coaches-in-Training are required to practice 100 hours of coaching engagements with clients prior to receiving the qualification of Certified KORA Code Coach (CKCC)™
KORA Code curriculim is approved by the world’s leading accrediting organization International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Coach-Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).
At completion of the KORA Code Program, Certified KORA Code Coaches (CKCC) are eligible to apply for the global credential as Associate Certified Coaches (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC Path.














Courses & Certification







Coach – Training Certification Program – Cost Summary

  • *Early Bird fees incl. 20% discount.
  • **Upfront full payment for the entire Certification Program incl. 20% discount.
  • Terms and conditions for registration cut off dates apply.
  • Displayed prices are VAT excluded.

  • **Early Bird fees incl. 25% discount
  • **Upfront full payment for the entire Certification Program incl. 25% discount
  • Terms and conditions for registration cut off dates apply.

Alumni Testimonials

Leadership Team


Mireille Ineza Karera is the Founder and Executive Chairwoman at KORA Coaching Group Ltd, a Coaching & Consulting company based in Rwanda and South Africa. Mireille is the Faculty Lead Coach at KORA Coaching & Business Academy (KCA), which is a subsidiary of the Group. She is a Rwandan Businesswoman who recently returned to Africa after spending 20 years outside of the continent, including over 13 years working as a Top Performer in Sales, Business Development Strategy for Global Financial Services Providers such as Moody’s Investor Services, EBS Dealing Resources (now ICAP) and Thomson Reuters in London, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Nairobi. 

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Non-executive Director

Cecilia Odergren is a multifaceted finance professional with rich and diverse experience in project management, operational development, internal audit, governance, and risk management. She has driven value creation through financial performance management and improvement, business process improvement, internal control optimization, resilient risk management, cost control and robust governance processes. Successful IPO experience from listing on AIM, London.Cecilia has significant international and multi-cultural experience. Her working experience spanning across Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. On her free time Cecilia enjoys gardening and classical music.

Non-executive Director

Ignace Rusenga Bacyaha is a seasoned Rwandan business leader who is currently serving as a Director of the Board for Corporate Investments at Mara Group, Ignace recently retired from his position as the Principal Country Officer for the East Africa Hub of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) part of the World Bank Group. His long career in business management and investment includes executive positions with the Aga Khan Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Bank at the Group level. During his long tenure at the IFC, he has been instrumental in leading Investment operations, developing scalable business models and ecosystems, managing investment and advisory teams, and

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Faculty Lead

Noella Mujawamariya serves as the Faculty Lead at Kora Coaching Group. She is dependable, courageous and devotes her time impacting various people’s lives through trainings and engaging in positive conversations.
She gained her skills and experience from Educational and Professional backgrounds. For over the last seven years , she worked for Marriott International in the Middle East and Rwanda. She has made a great contribution towards customer service in different companies and believes that a transformed leader devotes to driving positive changes and does not get
discouraged by circumstances. Noella has spent many years working on associates’ personal development. Her vision is to see young leaders who are drivenby great values influence

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Operations Manager

Christian Mbabazi is the Operations Manager at KORA Coaching Group (KORA) including its subsidiary KORA Coaching & Business Academy (KCA), where He oversees the group’s daily activities and sales follow up. Prior to joining KORA & KCA, Christian served as the Chief Operations at TABS Logistics Ltd, concentrating on Imports & Exports, Domestic Trade and Transport. Under his tenure, TABS recorded a remarkable growth rate. He worked as Field Based Research Assistant at World Bank Group in Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) in Rwanda Office, with a focus on maintaining high-quality data across the research process. While at DIME, He contributed in ‘Optimizing Investments in Hillside Irrigation Schemes through Reduced Frictions in Land-Rental Markets’,Muyanza Project

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Emelyne Kaneza is an ‘African Queen’, a Leader, Coach and Mentor. Emelyne has over 15 years experience in international and national development work. She gained valuable skills and experience both from her educational and professional backgrounds. She is assertive, innovative and results-oriented. She has been able to provide vision and strategic thinking through her different interactions with people seeking her for coaching, mentoring and training.
Emelyne is passionate about God, women and Africa’s development. She has developed and empowered many women in the Great Lakes region and in South Africa. She is a strong, passionate and determined woman, who has a calling to unlock women’s potential.

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Jeannette Mukabalisa is the founder and Managing Director of Great Green Gardens Ltd, a farming business focusing on horticulture. From a family farming background, with a long serving experience with International Non-Government Government Organizations, Jeannette has developed a strong interest in Agriculture and Women’s Empowerment Sectors, while working with rural communities to initiate activities enabling the improvement of their life conditions. She, held high level positions at FAIM AFRICA Ltd, at the International Rescue Committee Rwanda, at Concern Worldwide Rwanda, and Coordinated the engagement of citizens and local government in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in her country.

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Mireille Bivegete graduated as a Certified Professional KORA Coach from the first online Cohort at KORA Coaching & Business Academy in Rwanda which started in November 2019. Afterwards, she joined KORA Coaching Group and currently serves as a faculty member at KORA Coaching and Business Academy. Before joining KORA Coaching Group, Mireille Bivegete worked at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), Rwanda as a Resource Mobilization and Private Sector Financing officer . She was responsible for the coordination of Development Partners (DPs) through various forums and the mobilization of External Resources to meet Rwanda Economic Development Poverty Reduction Strategy and Vision 2020. 

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